Sequestration Debt Solution

Sequestration is the Scottish legal term for bankruptcy and can allow for all of your current debts to be written off.

Trying to juggle your debt all at once can become overwhelming and you may not see any way to overcome this. At Personal Debt Support, we are here to lend a helping hand in your time of need. We understand that you may have found yourself in poor financial circumstances through no fault of your own. Having the correct financial adviser means that you can gain information and access to a number of financial products that will help you get back on your feet.

One possible solution for you may be to apply for Sequestration. If you live in Scotland and you are eligible for this financial management scheme, then this may be the best way for you to take back control of your current debts.

Sequestration Personal Debt Support
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Sequestration Personal Debt Support
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      How Sequestration could benefit you

      When you opt into a Sequestration debt management scheme, a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, will take control of your assets and liaise with the people you owe money to on your behalf. Sequestration is the most reliable and only option if you don’t have enough disposable income to cover regular payments for your ongoing debt. You will be required to make affordable monthly payments over a period of four years.

      To be eligible for Sequestration, you must owe more than £3,000.

      With more affordable measures in place, as well as more suitable payments to fit your financial circumstances, Personal Debt Support can help you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and help you take back control of your finances.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      In most cases, no-one will tell your employer unless you want them to know, although for obvious reasons if you want to keep your sequestration under wraps it is wise to be careful who you share the information with at work.

      You may not have to sell your home.If you have equity in your home you may have to find a way to release that by a re-mortgage or if you own your home jointly, your spouse, partner or friend could buy out your share.

      Unsecured debt can be included, such as balances on credit and store cards, overdrafts, and personal loans.

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