Trust Deed Debt Solution

A Protected Trust Deed is a legally binding form of debt relief solution that is available to people living in Scotland with £5,000 or more worth of unsecured debt.

At Personal Debt Support, we understand that you may fall into debt at some point in your life through no fault of your own. You may be struggling with these issues with no one to turn to. Receiving numerous and persistent threats in the form of letters, emails and phone calls can take a massive toll on you and may even add to your ongoing stress.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can guide you in the right direction and help you regain financial stability so you land back on your feet.

If you live in Scotland, a Trust Deed may be the best solution for your individual financial circumstances. This method allows for interest rates relating to your debt to be frozen so you can make regular and affordable payments to your creditor in the meantime. At Personal Debt Support, we don’t want you to lose sleep over your debt. Having a potential solution in place such as a Trust Deed can give you the respite you need from financial stress and worries.

Trust Deed Debt Solution With Personal Debt Support
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Trust Deed Debt Solution With Personal Debt Support
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      How a Trust Deed could benefit you

      By being eligible for a Trust Deed, this means that there can be no contact or enforcement. Once you have entered into a Protected Trust Deed, your creditors cannot be in contact with you and therefore must liaise with your trustee regarding all matters of your financial arrangement. This gives you the breathing space you need to take action and take back control of your finances.

      However, it’s important to note you can only apply for one moratorium at a time, and therefore you cannot consolidate all of your debts into one Trust Deed.

      If you are currently dealing with debt-related issues, then Personal Debt Support is there to guide you through every step of the financial management process.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Your appointed Trustee will assist you in applying to the Court for an Award of Sequestration which the creditors have to accept.

      No you will not have to go to court for a Trust Deed.

      Your appointed Trustee will not contact your creditors until you are granted a Trust Deed. However, you should notify them you are taking professional advice about it.

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